Start Keeping Your Tank Full This Winter

Here at Zeigler Maserati of Grandville, we help lots of drivers in the local area to prepare their vehicles for the winter months. Even though you might have thought about some things, such as swapping out your regular tires with snow tires, there is one thing that you might not have thought about: keeping your gas tank full during the winter months.

Instead of letting your gas tank get close to empty before you refill it, focus on adding small amounts of gas at a time to keep your tank near the "full" line this winter. This will help you prevent condensation, which can form in the gas tank and in the gas lines if your tank is not kept full and can cause long-term issues with your car.

If you contact us, we can give you more tips to help you prepare your car for the winter season. This can help you maintain your car in the long-term!

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