The Importance of Horsepower

When driving any vehicle, it accelerates at a specific speed. Depending on the make and model will identify just how fast the vehicle will go.

This is where the importance of horsepower comes into play. Horsepower is simply the measure of work done over time. In the case of a vehicle, a very short time. The term was coined by James Watts in the late 1700's.

To describe the power of what ponies could lift during coal mining sessions, Watts developed the term "horsepower" to easily communicate this to others. Regarding vehicles, the engine uses a dynamometer which rates the torque to RPM. The output is your horsepower.

By understanding this you can better determine what kind of vehicle is right for your needs on the road. If acceleration and speed is not a factor, understanding horsepower is still relevant even when considering the gas mileage ratios.

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