Claying Your Vehicle is Easier Than You Think

Nothing looks better than a freshly detailed car. If you want professional-looking results, though, using a clay bar will help get you there. It may seem like a magical tool for removing a variety of contaminants, but it is actually easy to use. Here's how.

All vehicles, even brand new ones, need to be clayed because they quickly pick up contaminants. You'll need a clay lubricant, such as Optimum No Rinse, to protect the surface, as well as a fine grade clay bar like Clay Magic. Thoroughly wash and dry your vehicle. divide the clay bar into about three pieces, pray it with lubricant and then glide it across your vehicle's surface in one direction. Change the clay once it becomes contaminated. Your vehicle is now ready for wax or sealant.

For additional information, stop by Zeigler Maserati of Grandville in Grandville, MI where our staff can give you other claying tips.

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