Spotting Potential Trouble in the Treads of the Car Tires

If you can spot trouble with the car tires today, you can avoid a potential tire blowout tomorrow. Your friends at Zeigler Maserati of Grandville wanted to help you spot these issues more easily.

Look closely at every tire at least once a week. Look to see that all the tread is wearing in an even pattern and you don't see any cracks in the treads.

Those cracks could lead to serious problems, especially if air can leak out causing the underinflated tire to be more likely to fail at high speeds.

There should not be bulges in the tire sidewall, or obstructions stuck in the treads. Don't ever remove an obstruction from the tire before letting an expert have a closer look. A plug in the wrong place could compromise the integrity of the tire.

Bring the vehicle if you see any of these issues so we can get a technician to look closer at the concern.



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