Let Android Auto be Your Second Pair of Eyes

At one point, the only computers in cars were the special hidden ones that controlled the engine timer. If you take a look at any car on the Zeigler Maserati of Grandville lot, then you'll probably see some kind of information and entertainment system. Those that have Android Auto deserve a second look, though, because it can function as a second pair of eyes in a way.

This technology was developed by Google to mirror features from any compatible Android device to an onboard display screen or even a dashcam. It'll keep an eye on all your techie needs so your eyes can stay on the road and pay attention to changing conditions.

Should you need to access a GPS map or want to change the radio station you're listening to, all you need to do is speak a couple of commands. You'll never need to look down at your device again, which means you'll be driving more safely than ever.



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