One of the hardest things to remove from your vehicle's interior when cleaning it is pet hair. Stray pieces of fur can weave themselves into the fabric of your seats, making it almost impossible to remove them. As with so many things, prevention is much easier than cleaning.

Before your car trip, take a few minutes to brush your pet thoroughly of any loose hair. If you pet will allow it and you're not going on a very long drive, house your pet in a carrier, which will also help to contain the fur. Alternatively, find a blanket or a special cover made for pet use to spread over your upholstery to protect it from both hair and spills.

If, in spite of your best efforts, you still have fur on your seats, you can strip it away by spraying your seats lightly with water and rubbing the upholstery with a pair of rubber gloves, which will magically collect the stray hairs.



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