Two Signs Your Ignition Requires Service and What to do About Them

Many Grandville, MI motorists think that they're dealing with dead batteries when their cars won't start. Surprisingly, however, this often means that there's something wrong with the ignition. At Zeigler Maserati of Grandville, we want drivers to save time and money by being able to quickly identify the most likely causes of their car problems. If your starter drive gear is wearing out, continued efforts to start the car and continued oversight could result in more serious issues.

An Audible Grinding Noise

When the starter drive can't properly engage, whether due to wear or other problems, you'll hear an audible grinding sound when you turn your key. You've probably heard this noise before if you've ever started your engine up and then accidentally given the key an extra turn. If you don't give this issue prompt attention, the engine flywheel could suffer as the result.

The Whining Sound of Freewheeling

If the engine doesn't crank when you attempt to start the car and you get an unpleasant, whining sound instead, it usually means that the starter gear and flywheel aren't engaging. To avoid having to pay for a full-on starter replacement, take care of freewheeling by visiting your local service center to have your car serviced right away. Your safety and the continued functionality of your vehicle are always our top concerns.


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