Missing or improperly installed child safety seats are among the leading causes of death among children.

Please take a few moments and make sure your child's safety seat is installed correctly.

Your child's safety begins with placing them in the correct seat.
  • Rear-facing seats are generally for the smallest children.
  • Front-facing seats are recommended for children from 4 to 7 years old.
  • Booster seats are intended for children older than 8 years old.
Most importantly, make sure your child fits safely and comfortably in the seat.

Installing a Child Safety Seat

Be sure to follow the seat manufacturer's instructions when installing a safety seat. Your vehicle's safety manual may also have instructions about safety seats.

In general, the following guidelines apply:
  • Make sure the seat is positioned correctly.
  • Make sure the vehicle seat is angled properly.
  • Make sure all belts are connected and locked.
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