Maintain Your Belts and Hoses for Happiness

At Zeigler Maserati of Grandville, we appreciate that today's autos are more reliable than those of previous eras. Still, we hope you will consider how your vehicle's belts and hoses affect your on-road happiness.

Consider three crucial belts, which are your serpentine belt, your timing belt and your CVT belt, if present. Serpentine belts, as their noteworthy name implies, transmit engine power to mechanical components in your car. For example, your serpentine belt runs your air conditioner. Timing belts keep your pistons from misfiring. A broken timing belt can leave you stranded. If your vehicle has a CVT, or constantly variable transmission, that component may feature a belt. All three of these belts turn whenever you run your vehicle. Meanwhile, your vehicle's coolant hoses naturally deteriorate over time.

All of these components' mileage builds as you drive around Grandville. We recommend that you follow the guidelines from your vehicle's manufacturer for maintenance and replacement of your belts and hoses.


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