Here at Zeigler Maserati of Grandville the cooler months always seem to bring an increase in dead car batteries. Sometimes a battery may only need a charge. If the battery on your car is draining regularly it may need to be replaced. Here's a simple way to test the battery.

You'll need a tool called a multimeter. This is a tool with two metal ends attached to a voltage meter. You simply attach the leads of the multimeter to the correct battery terminals. The red is for positive, and the black is for the negative terminal. You'll see a readout on the meter. A good battery should be putting out 12.4 volts or more. Anything below 12 volts usually means it's time for a new battery.

Here at our dealership in Grandville we will be happy to test the battery in your car. We can determine if the battery is good or if you need a replacement.


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