Tires have a tendency to wear out over time. That is why you will need to have them replaced before something goes wrong. You need to inspect your tires monthly and look for signs of damaged. You will need to look for cracks on the sidewall. This is a sign that indicates your tire is leaking.

You will also need to look for bulges and blisters. They can cause your tire to blow out suddenly. Excessive vibration is another sign that indicates your tire needs to be replaced. This is a sign that indicates your wheels are out of balance.

Additionally, you should take the penny test. You should put the penny with Lincoln's head upside down between the tire's tread blocks. Your tires are likely fine if you cannot see the top of Lincoln's head. However, if you can see the head, then it is time to get your tires replaced. You can get your tires replaced at the dealership.


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