Car alternators don't always get the attention and respect they deserve, but they should. They are the component that supply continuous electricity to power lights, gauges, computers and switches. The alternator also powers the starter and recharges your car's battery as you drive through Grandville.

The Alternator: a Short History

The alternator first appeared in special-use WWII vehicles. Later, Ford incorporated the technology into the Model T. Not until 1960, with Chrysler's Valiant, did the alternator become a standard vehicle component. Having become standard, alternators might be on the way out. Hybrid vehicles don't absolutely require an alternator. Their unique design contains motors that generate their own power.

Troubleshooting Alternators

When vehicles fail to jump start, people often blame the battery. The alternator might be the problem. If you jump start your car and it keeps going, the battery is fine. If it dies after a jump start, the alternator probably needs replacing.

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